Breathe in, push myself out of bed. Its time to be a big girl.


So tonight I had the weirdest feeling.

Its absolutely beautiful outside. The snow is falling down in large, fluffy flakes and its laying so perfectly on the ground and piling up. I really want to play in it, or at least breathe in the crisp air. And then I thought how awesome would it be to go take a walk in the woods. With all the snow. It would be freaking awesome. But obviously I wouldn’t want to go by myself, and I could easily call up my friends or sorority sisters and get a huge group to go with me, but that would ruin it. I want to be take a peaceful walk. With someone who I enjoy being around. And to my pleasant surprise I couldn’t think of who I wanted to be with. I think I’m finally ready to move on with my life and close that chapter of my life. Some days are harder then others, but my mind isn’t cluttered up with thoughts of people who don’t treat me the way I ought to be treated anymore. And it feels great. Anyone want to go on a walk?

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The more I find out about you, the more disgusted I am.

Seriously? This one just about tops it all off. That is disgusting and I regret ever ‘being’ with you. We weren’t even together. You were a stepping stone for me, and I know I was for you too. So dont act like we were in love, or anything was going to happen. Because nothing was going to happen. And I told you that. Not talking to you really isn’t that hard. Because you are one of the biggest douche bags I have ever met.

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